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My name is Arnaud Gaertner,
I’m a French photographer.

The world is my passion, I capture photographs of People, Places, Events

Fine Art photographer I started photography at the age of 12 and never stopped. San Francisco was the beginning of my exhibitions with my Burning Man series


Memorial to the shoah

Berlin, 3000 stones as thousands of people go...

Black Rock City

Black Rock City, are Burning Man story in 201...

Bretagne in Motion

Morbihan Gulf, West of France, is one of the ...

Bleu France

Bugatti adventure, the magic one who won 1920...


deeeeeep breath

Amsterdam by Night

Amsterdam lights, canals, walks, smells


Berlin Brandebourg Gate, Vaticano Bernini...R...

Short night in Berlin

late night walk in Berlin

In the Middle of Nowhere

Black Rock City, a desert in the Middle of No...

Roman Abstracts

Evening walk in a rainy day in Roma,

Night in Manhattan

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipi...

Paris in motion

Paris, motion, Notre Dame

Foret Royale

Arbres, hiver, foret royale de Saint Germain ...

Montreal in motion